Meet The Robinsons

Hi There! We’re The Robinson’s! 

Derrick (D. Rob), Amber, Dylan and Derrick Jr. (Dash) we’re a family of four residing in Central, Florida. We have a unique lifestyle and love to do things our own way! 

Derrick and I met while working for the Cincinnati Reds in 2016. We got married in November 2016 and welcomed our babygirl Dylan just 9 Months later in July of 2017! 9 Months after that I was pregnant again with the completion to our family baby Dash who we welcomed in January of 2019. 

Derrick played professional baseball for 12 years and is currently working for the team that drafted him right out of High School The Kansas City Royals. I love to travel and before having a family I was always on the go! Derrick and I actually were never in the same place because of his job until Dylan was born. After some time at home we realized we missed the hustle and bustle of life on the go and decided to take this show on the road!

Follow us here as we discuss traveling with toddlers, life on the go, working remotely and doing things The Robinson Way.