Who We Are

Hey! I’m Amber Jaye! The Matriarch of The Robinson Family and the fingers behind The Robinson Way Blog. 
I am a reporter, host, writer and work-at-home professional and now part time blogger. I am a new mom adjusting to life with two littles under two. I created this blog as a passion project. My friends and family all defer to me when it comes to resources! I love being their go-to guide for life hacks and all things travel and baby related. So I decided to create a blog and take my talents to the net! 
If you want to know more check out our intro post here.

A Few Things About Us
  • We are a god fearing baseball family
  • We prefer comfort over style! No seriously, we are always in sweats and we like it that way. Lululemon is built into the budget!
  • We love gadgets and Amazon Prime.
  • Together is our favorite place which is why we work so hard to make that a reality.
  • unofficial foodies that love dessert