Adult Birthday Party in Quarantine

I love Birthdays! I love celebrating anything fun but birthdays are something special. In light of recent events (**cough cough COVID-19 cough cough**), I was pretty certain that I wasn't going to be able to celebrate my birthday in a traditional manner. I still wanted to do something special but didn't want it to be too [...]

Our New Normal

Like everyone else, our life has changed dramatically in the past month. We were supposed to be wrapping up Spring Training and slowly transitioning to Kansas City for Derrick’s job but instead are back in Gainesville to ride out the quarantine in the comforts of our own home. I had plans to launch this blog [...]

Meet The Robinsons

Hi There! We're The Robinson's!  Derrick (D. Rob), Amber, Dylan and Derrick Jr. (Dash) we're a family of four residing in Central, Florida. We have a unique lifestyle and love to do things our own way!  Derrick and I met while working for the Cincinnati Reds in 2016. We got married in November 2016 and [...]